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Athletes, Dancers, Golfers, Cyclists, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Tennis Professionals


fit from hip to toe

My visit was comforting because Michael analysed that I have slim feet (from the soles to the arches) but broad front parts, due possibly to all the running over the past 20 years. He recommended a tailor-made pair of insoles for my exercises and padding for my shoes. These were fitted on my next visit a week later.

What happens at the first appointment?

At your first appointment at Soft Soles Holistic Podiatry, you will be asked to fill in a confidential medical history form, so it is best to arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment.


Whilst the content of this form may seem irrelevant for some, without it, the podiatrist cannot assess, diagnose (where appropriate) and treat according to your individual needs. You would be surprised the things we ask!

However, the smallest detail is often relevant so we would appreciate full discloser of all medical history.


Our receptionist will be happy to scribe for you should you need assistance. Please also bring with you a list of any medication you may be taking, including any supplements and/or complementary medicaments to add to the form (the receptionist can photocopy this from a repeat prescription if this is easier for you).



Within the first appointment, an initial review of your form, discussion of your problem and initial assessments will be conducted. Once this has been carried out, the podiatrist will discuss a proposed management plan with you. Once you are happy and if/where time allows, treatment will commence. In most cases, treatment is carried out on the first appointment.


First 15 mins free


New clients will be assessed according to their medical and podiatric need using priority criteria. An appropriate treatment plan will be created according to the patient’s medical and podiatric needs which will be agreed upon by the podiatrist and the client. If required appropriate follow up care will be arranged by the podiatrist.