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Wearing your shoes with a better fit will improve your performance

Self care is an important part of the treatment plan to maintain your independence and mobility.

Health care advice will be given throughout your treatments.

Routine treatments will be offered at Soft Soles most convenient to you

Records of your progress will be made at regular intervals

To provide regular progress checks we urge you to give us permission to speak to your GP, Fitness Trainer School Nurse or other professional so you get a team approach to your recovery

Latest Reviews

 A  Workman's Wake-up Call

Michael is very knowledgeable about foot problems, offers solutions to them, and tries to 'educate' clients on the importance of proper foot care in a way that they will remember the advice - I now know how to tie my shoes laces correctly (!), and I have bought two good pairs of supporting socks that are appropriate for my needs. 

Are You Tired of Roughing it?

Here's my story...

Are you bothered by smelly feet and shoes?

Smelly feet aka Bromodosis is often caused by more than just poor management of the feet, but an improvement can be made swiftly with a step by step regime. By treating the feet, socks and shoes collectively steady progress can be made.  Also, by incorporating improvements in dietary habits and life style, results can be achieved that will last

"I first visited Soft Soles Podiatry  to have a look at my painful corns and calluses on the sides and soles/balls of my feet.


I have suffered from corns and calluses for a long time due to my long distance running and intensive badminton training regimes. Also, I sustained a bad sprain to my left peroneus longus and left tibialis anterior tendon whilst playing golf in May 2012, which had aggravated the growth of the corns and calluses on my feet during my injury rehabilitation.


I have tried, with little success, different kinds of over-the-counter pads and cushions to help alleviate the pain on my feet. I have also resorted to buying larger sized trainers and shoes with the thinking (sadly, erroneously!) that these will reduce the rubbing against the painful corns on my feet during walking and exercising. ..


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