barefoot interviews

There are over 300 different foot conditions - and nearly 90% of people in the UK are affected at some point in their life. These are  just a few of their stories...what's yours?..

A Rapid Improvement

My visit was comforting because Michael analysed that I have slim feet (from the soles to the arches) but broad front parts, due possibly to all the running over the past 20 years. He built a tailor-made pair of insoles for my exercises and padding for my shoes. These were fitted on my next visit a week later.

Michael Franklin has been looking after my wayward feet for over twenty years and he’s a class act. He offers a highly professional service and I have total confidence in his knowledge, skills and experience. He adopts a holistic approach to his practice and is always concerned for your general health and well-being. It’s not just your feet he’s interested in – he’s a mine of information and advice on how those feet affect other bits of your body you probably thought they couldn’t even reach. All summed up in his strap line “Let Science Save your Sole”. He’s also a very engaging personality with plenty to chat about while he’s treating you – anything from The Archers to prospective settlements on Mars. If, on the other hand, you prefer to ponder quietly on life’s rich pattern, he’ll respect that too. He always sends me away feeling light of foot, lifts my spirits and generally makes my day seem brighter . I can thoroughly recommend him.

Tired of the Run-around!


"I visited Michael at his Newport practice in November 2012. I had at this time resigned myself to regular chiropody appointments as I had painful corns regularly forming on the soles of my feet. Michael made a thorough investigation and after treating my ailments sold me some inserts for my shoes which would redistribute my weight and these helped to alleviate my problem.

It is now May 2013 and to date there has been no recurrence of the corns and my feet have been pain free.

Thank you Michael!"

John, Newport



I had never used the services of a podiatrist before and hence I was a bit sceptical about what to expect on my first visit. Also, being an academic specialising in services and management, I am always quite critical and analytical about the quality of services that I receive. But Michael is an outstanding, patient and expert professional in foot care management and injury prevention..

It's a comfort to my soles


"Michael Franklin has been looking after my feet for about 15 years now. I have slightly twisted toes and never liked cutting my own toenails - the thought of having someone else do this made me cringe! However I was forced to seek help when I developed a very painful corn on one toe.


A colleague suggested Michael and I went along to see him with some trepidation. He removed the corn painlessly, then cut my nails and massaged oil into my feet. He also gave advice as to suitable style of shoes. I have had no more corns, and now quite enjoy having my toenails cut! "

Fran, Cardiff