Every year, thousands of work and leisure hours are lost due to foot injuries for example ingrown toenails or through slip. trips and falls - people often assume that once the injury is healed, the problem goes away...this may be so in some cases but more frequently other symptoms and complications may arise as a result and the poor sufferer may not make the here's a few indicators for you to consider before your earliest appointment..putting a consultation off may exacerbate the problem and extend the treatment make it sooner rather than later...

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Sprained ankle, physical injury aches  intermittent pain treatment prevention and alternatives

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Soft tissue injuries, muscle and ligament tears and ruptures, sprains, fractures avoidance prevention healing andrecovery 



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Trips Slips and falls can  often result in injuries to your legs and feet


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Injury prevention & recovery

Now your child is starting to walk and run it's vital that you make sure that your child's first footwear fits properly to prevent injuries and complications as they grow older. At SSHP  expert staff are available to advise and instruct you in the proper footwear for your precious loved ones..

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