Sports Recovery

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A Climber's Conquest


"I visited Michael at his Newport practice in November 2012. I had at this time resigned myself to regular chiropody appointments as I had painful corns regularly forming on the soles of my feet. Michael made a thorough investigation and sold me some inserts for my shoes which would redistribute my weight and thus help to alleviate the problem. It is now May 2013 and to date there has been no recurrence of the corns and my feet have been pain free.

Thank you Michael!"


John, Newport

You don't have to just grin and bear it


Anyone who takes part in active sports risks injury to their feet and ankles...but why risk weeks out of commission simply because you neglected that niggle until the pain or swelling became unbearable...better to be safe than sorry, call in or book an appointment with soft soles podiatry and in 45 mins not only will you have the right diagosis you'll have the correct treatment too

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When to get medical attention for common sports injuries


We know you're tough — but you also need to be smart. If you suspect a serious injury or if you have any of these signs, see a doctor:

  • Deformities in the joint or bone — it looks “crooked,” or moves abnormally

  • You cannot bear weight or can't use the limb without it “giving way”

  • Excessive swelling

  • Changes in skin color beyond mild bruising

  • It's not getting any better after a few days of PRICE therapy