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Children’s Podiatry Services in Newport

Looking for family podiatry services in Newport, Gwent, and the surrounding areas? At Soft Soles Podiatry, our expert podiatrists have a huge range of experience with clients of all ages. From children’s podiatry to treatments for pregnant women, our services are designed to prevent injury and aid recovery. Providing professional advice and effective congenital treatments, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today to discuss your family’s needs.

Pre & Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy affects the feet in various ways. As podiatrists, we have the skillset to effectively diagnose and treat pregnancy-related foot pain. This often happens due to the increase in a hormone called relaxin, which will loosen the ligaments in your feet and ankles (as well as the rest of the body).

With looser ligaments, the foot is allowed to move slightly more than usual with each step, which can potentially cause an array of painful conditions and soft tissue injuries, including plantar fasciitis and strained muscles and ligaments.

Pregnancy may also cause swelling in your legs and feet, which has the potential to cause ingrown toenails. Expectant mums often have problems with their toenails even if they never have before. Podiatrists can treat painful feet and other problems by supporting your loosened ligaments through the use of orthotics and footwear modification.

Back to School

Did you know that 1 in 4 children damage their feet with ill-fitting shoes? Soft Soles Podiatry provides bespoke shoe-fitting services for young children when they go to school. Additionally, you should know that flat feet are normal in a toddler.

As your child gets older, the tendons in their feet will strengthen and tighten to form the medial longitudinal arch, usually at the age of 3 – 6 years old. Some never fully develop this arch in the foot, often due to poor footwear, which leads to them developing Flexible Flat Feet. Furthermore, a childhood injury or disease could result in Rigid Flat Feet.


What Our Clients Say

Family Podiatry

“I have been a client of Michael's for some years. He has a really caring attitude and visits are really enjoyable. You can expect a good-natured pep-talk to encourage you to look after your feet, with lots of advice about buying shoes, what to wear around the house, how to lace your shoes correctly etc. He would be especially reassuring if you are shy or embarrassed and will put you at your ease. I would send my elderly mum to him without hesitation. Writing this has made me think I will go and book an appointment!”


Looking after Your Children’s Feet

Providing family diagnoses and congenital treatments, we specialise in family and children’s podiatry.

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