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Introductory Session for New Clients

Book an initial consultation with our experienced podiatrists in Newport, Gwent. When you choose Soft Soles Podiatry, we will always provide an introductory session, including an examination of your feet, a risk assessment, and a diagnosis for any problems you are experiencing. As well as undertaking basic performance tests, you may need to bring any relevant medical history. After assessing your feet, your footwear, and your general strength and stability, we will tailor a treatment and maintenance plan to suit your needs.


What Our Clients Say

“Mr Franklin provided good quality care and advice, that helped me resolve the difficulty I was having with my weak arches or ‘flat feet'. Michael was very informative giving excellent explanations for the options of treatment. Good professional service. Good value for money. I thoroughly enjoyed the service that Mr Franklin provided, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is having difficulty with their feet.”


Welcoming New Clients

At your first session with our podiatrists, we will provide an initial  assessment and a tailored treatment plan.

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