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Medi-Peds, Foot Spas, and PTTD Treatments

Request a SWAT session and receive cosmetic and medical foot treatments from Soft Soles Podiatry. Serving clients throughout Newport, Gwent, and the surrounding areas, we provide efficient examinations, diagnoses, and treatment plans to suit your needs. These range from skin and nail care medi-peds and foot spas, which are ideal after a long day on your feet, to treatments for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD). Get in touch with our podiatrists today for more details.

What Is PTTD?

Often referred to as “adult-acquired flat foot”, PTTD is an inflammation and/or overstretching of the posterior tibial tendon in the foot. Although it typically occurs in only one foot, some people may develop it in both feet. This disorder is usually progressive, which means it will keep getting worse, especially if it isn’t treated early. Methods of treatment include:

What Is PTTD?

  • Taping and Brace

  • Orthotic Therapy

  • Activity Modification

  • Anti-Inflammatory Modifications

  • Strengthening and Stretching Program

  • Footwear Changes


What Our Clients Say

“After my first visit in early 2014, I visited Michael again in mid-2016 to order a couple more of the insoles that he had recommended to me for my walking and sports shoes. I had my recent visit today (25 July 2017) in his Newport practice in South Wales to have an M.O.T. on my feet. Although I live in Cardiff, I did not hesitate to go to his practice in Newport to receive his service once again. He provided me with another superlative service with care and professionalism as before - my feet are now 'happy feet' again! I highly recommend Soft Soles Podiatry, to anyone who has problems with their feet for a comprehensive, professional and quality service that you will be very satisfied with.”

Dr Celine

Correcting Foot Problems

Whether you’re looking for a foot spa and mediped or a PTTD consultation, our podiatrists are here to help.

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