Let Science Save Your Sole

Foot and Footwear Examination

Ensure you’re wearing the right footwear with Soft Soles Podiatry. Based in Newport, Gwent, our podiatrists provide comprehensive foot and footwear examinations for clients throughout the surrounding areas. Just bring the three or four pairs of footwear you most often wear (such as work shoes, trainers, and heels) and any relevant medical history of injury and we’ll carry out a full initial consultation. Having assessed the general health, strength, and stability of your feet, we will provide a diagnosis and a treatment plan for your specific requirements.


What Our Clients Say

“I visited Michael at his Newport practice in November 2012. I had at this time resigned myself to regular chiropody appointments as I had painful corns regularly forming on the soles of my feet. Michael made a thorough investigation and sold me some inserts for my shoes which would redistribute my weight and thus help to alleviate the problem. It is now May 2013 and to date, there has been no recurrence of the corns and my feet have been pain-free. Thank you, Michael.”


Looking after Your Feet

With our foot and footwear examinations, you’ll receive professional advice to help you keep your feet healthy.

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