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Orthotic Devices

Consult our podiatrists about creating a state-of-the-art, laser-scanned and crafted orthotic device to suit your specific needs. Based in Newport, Gwent, Soft Soles Podiatry creates specialised orthoses to correct posture, thus preventing the development of most symptoms. Suitable for all types of activities and footwear, these bespoke shoe inserts are ideal for use in running and sports. Get in touch to obtain orthotic devices for the following treatments.

Preventative Treatment

Preventative Treatment

  • Foot Health

  • Heel Pain

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Joint Pain

  • Tension

Preventative Treatment 1

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Dancing

  • Athletics

  • Endurance Sports


What Our Clients Say

“Apart from routine, regular care of my feet, (i.e. nail cutting, hard skin and corn removal) I now have orthotics to support my arches which means that my feet no longer ache. I have been prescribed gel soles which help protect and soothe my heels and moulds were individually made to compensate for irregularities in my toes. Michael's skills and knowledge have kept my feet so comfortable.”


Prescribing Orthotic Devices

Experienced in an array of treatments, our podiatrists design and craft bespoke orthoses.

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