Let Science Save Your Sole

Swift 3-Step Verruca Removal

Stamp out painful and stubborn verrucas fast, with a 3-step state-of-the-art treatment administered by our experienced podiatrists. Serving clients throughout Newport, Gwent, and the surrounding areas, our 90-minute treatments are safe, efficient, and virtually pain-free. All Soft Soles Podiatry needs from you is your full medical history and we’ll make your verruca a thing of the past.


What Our Clients Say

“I first met Michael when I needed to replace my orthotics (prescribed insoles) for collapsing arches and my posture. The new orthotics that he provided excelled anything I have had massively in both comfort and weight. I then developed some verrucas and he provided a treatment called Swift (microwave tech) which was completely painless and quick and made all of them go away, it was also much cheaper and more time-efficient than all the other different options that work. He is full of fun anecdotes and tips like how to lace your shoes properly which really helps your posture and makes your shoes much more comfortable to wear. Out of all the podiatrists I have seen, he is definitely the best and worth coming to see. I would certainly recommend him to all ages!”


Swiftly Removing Verrucas

Effective and hassle-free, our 3-step verruca treatments are carried out by trained podiatrists.

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